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Endodontic Basics

There are so many erroneous stories out there about Root Canal Therapy that you may be a bit nervous about coming to our office. We are aware of your anxiety and our friendly & thoughtful staff will work hard to erase any of your concerns. At Endodontic Associates, we provide exceptional care using the most advanced technology, ensuring excellence in diagnosis and treatment. We hope that the following information will help acquaint you with our office.

What is Root Canal or Endodontic Therapy?
Root Canal Therapy is performed when the soft inner tissue of the tooth (the pulp) has been damaged, usually through decay or physical trauma. Treatment consists of removing the pulp and then shaping, cleaning, filling and sealing those canals within the root.

Because the pulp has lost its ability to heal itself, endodontic therapy should be started as soon as a diagnosis has been made, at which time most teeth can be saved. If treatment is delayed, serious conditions such as severe toothache, fracture or increased infection of the tooth and gums or even tooth loss can occur.

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