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Procedures & Services

Dr. Nielsen or Dr. Broadsword will personally explain all recommended procedures and will keep you fully informed about every aspect of your treatment.


A thorough clinical and radiographic examination (x-rays) is performed to help determine course of treatment, and we will answer any questions you may have about your case. We feel it is very important to be sure that root canal therapy is indicated before treatment.

Endodontic Therapy
A local anesthetic is given and a rubber dam is placed to isolate the tooth during treatment. Then an opening is made in the crown (biting surface) of the tooth, the canals are cleaned, shaped and filled with a material that seals the tooth. The hole in the crown is then filled with a temporary or permanent filling.

Endodontic Surgery
Endodontic surgery is necessary in some cases, such as removal of a fractured root or root-end resection which removes infected tissue at the very end of the root.

After the Procedure
For a few days following the procedure, you can expect some soreness, pressure and tenderness when biting. Should any excessive discomfort occur, call us as soon as possible.

Follow-Up Treatment
Upon completion of your endodontic therapy, a temporary filling will be placed. It is then important for you to contact your family dentist to arrange for a permanent restoration and/or a crown. Our office will often invite you back for periodic examinations to assure complete healing occurs.