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Thank you, Dr. Nielsen, Precious, and all other office support staff. Your enthusiasm, efficiency and professionalism made for a highly positive experience.

Matthew R. / July 2021

I had a great visit with Dr. Nielsen. I appreciate his knowledge and expertise. His explanation was reassuring, and I was pleasantly surprised that additional procedures or services were not pushed. I appreciate his approach. The staff was friendly and helpful! Thank you.

Heather K. / June 2021

I was very fortunate that my wonderful dentist, Dr. Sequeira, referred me to your office. Everyone, starting with Beth who scheduled my root canal for the following day, was wonderful to work with. The office worked like a well-oiled machine, and there was also an abundance of compassion and concern. Thank you for making what could have been a difficult experience so painless!

Donna R. / June 2021

I had a very, very positive experience with Dr. Benjamin Nielsen. He is an excellent endodontist. The root canals he did for me went very well. I had minimal discomfort. Dr. Nielsen and his staff are all kind and helpful. I will only have Dr. Nielsen do any root canals for me in the future.

Marguerite W. / May 2021

This is a truly superb office. I had the best care and Dr. Broadsword administered the most painless anesthetic before the procedure. The staff was very friendly, professional and pleasant.

Terri S. / May 2021

Your waiting room was calming. The staff was friendly. The doctor was knowledgeable. You did not recommend any unnecessary procedures. You gave me confidence that I could contact you in the future. Thank you!

R. Dernbach / April 2021

The office is beautiful. The staff is pleasant and thoughtful. Precious is wonderful. A real keeper. Dr. Nielsen is gentle. He does well at informing the patient what steps he is going to take. He is good at checking in with the patient as to how they are feeling. The doctor is very diligent about concentrating on the task at hand.

Charles S / April 2021

Loved the office and facilities. Nice views. Found Dr. Nielsen and his assistant to be very friendly, compassionate, and comforting. Appreciated the follow-up phone calls to check on me when I was having post-procedure pain. I even got a call after hours from the on-call dentist when there was a problem at the pharmacy.

Mylinda K. / September 2021

My visit to your office was a totally positive experience in every way. Everyone I interacted with was friendly, efficient and helpful. The dental assistant, Precious, was very thorough in getting input from me about the dental issues I was there for, while putting me at ease. The examination itself was simple and you were most personable in explaining the procedure and then in presenting your conclusions, which were made even clearer to me with the use of a screen view of the X-rays.
Of course, the best part was finding out that everything looks good right now, making it unlikely that I will need specialized dental work! However, if I had needed the work, I had already decided that I would be very comfortable getting it done at your office.
Thank you very much for asking for my thoughts, and for providing such

Molly M. / June 2021

Dr. Broadsword and Reece spent two hours working on my root canal. I completely appreciated their focused attention. I appreciate the feeling that they weren't rushing to a scheduled time frame. They explained everything they were doing and then just concentrated without a lot of small talk. They worked very well as a team. They asked frequently if I was having any pain and kept the suction/rinsing process when they sensed I needed it. My root canal was the best dental experience I've ever had! Please keep up your excellent technical and patient caring services.

Nancy S. / June 2021

Dr. Nielsen and the staff members have shown a deep regard for compassion in explaining in detail about the procedures to take place. I could not have asked for better care than that.

Fred J. / May 2021

Usually on a first-time appointment, I feel a little nervous not knowing what to expect. I found that I was in a relaxed atmosphere as the doctor/patient conversation continued. Interest and concern were shown regarding the techniques used to correct the problem.

Laura J. / May 2021

You made my visit a positive experience. I felt comfortable and respected. I plan to return as soon as I am able to pursue treatment. Thank you for your service to me.

Elizabeth J. / August 2021

I cannot say enough good things about my visit to your office.

This would have been my first root canal and Dr. Broadsword was beyond patient and informative. He guided me through the pros and cons and the procedure (should I decide to have it done). Ultimately, I decided to wait and see to make sure that I truly needed it (since I felt as if I hadn’t ‘processed’ it sufficiently and didn’t want to over-react. When I commented on his patience with me as we examined all possible scenarios together, he told me it was his ‘job’ to make sure that I understood everything and that whatever decision I came to that I would feel confident that it was the ‘right’ one for me. I never felt judged or pressured one way or the other.

Truly, this was one of the most positive experiences I’ve ever had with a member of the medical/dental profession.

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Broadsword to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the impact of making a decision about a procedure.

Pam B. / May 2021

Your waiting room was calming. The staff was friendly. The doctor was knowledgeable. You did not recommend any unnecessary procedures. You gave me confidence that I could contact you in the future.

Rene D. / April 2021

My experience was extremely positive. Dr. Nielsen was very kind, caring and professional for the entire procedure as was his assistant. I had no discomfort. The front office handled all my insurance and answered all my questions. I will certainly pass on my positive experience to Dr. Kaip who referred me.

Jillyn B / March 2021